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Walmart not to blame

Posted by: Theresa ( Walmart, USA ) on October 14, 1998 at 01:26:53:

To Mike,
I live in a small NE town too probably the one you are from and do not agree with you. Walmart can not be blamed for wiping out 50 percent of local businesses. If offering low prices and higher pay for employees is destroying small towns maybe it is time for growth. In the 90s the world is not seperated like in the past. Even you using the computer is an exaple of the world growing together. Small businesses now have to compete globally. If this frightens you unplug all your foreign applicances and throw out your modern toys. After you have done that you can get out your old photographs and live in the past. You said to pull the plug on chain stores, well the computer you are reading from now was probably bought from a chain store, so I guess you should throw it out too.

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