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Society wants the old neighborhood back.

Posted by: Jim Midzal- ( None, USA ) on October 23, 1998 at 11:19:09:

In Reply to: Celebration, FL posted by J on March 02, 1998 at 08:08:30:

Society wants the old neighborhood back. We lost it years ago with housing that (for example) allowed us to drive our car into the D/W, hit the remote button that raises the garage door on our attached garage, park and walk right into our fortress of a home. No time spent outside, no greeting the neighbors. Front porches with swings and chairs have been axed off of the architectural plans of America because they "added too much cost". They had to extend a roof overhang to cover the porch, build the porch itself, etc. I think the greed of some home builders threw away the great American front porch. Sad.
In Mexico the cities all have a gathering place for the towns people. Usually the church or town square (zocolo ?). They dress up their pretty children and circulate with their nieghbors at the square. Lots of politicing and business gets done along with the socializing. The over-stuffed American counter-part plants his lazy butt in the recliner and snores to the six o'clock news. I don't know where this society is headed, but I do know this: I'm moving to Celebration next week; to an apartment next to a small park area with benches. I will sit and talk to my neighbor and say 'hello' to others who pass by. That is living life ... not snoring it by in a recliner.

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