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sport leagues in 90's, the big joke.

Posted by: KiKi ( Winnipeg, Canada ) on November 01, 1998 at 16:01:40:

I used to be a huge sports fan, up to until about four years ago when I turned my back away from the banal nonsense it has become. When viewing a major sports event on t.v., all that I ever find is a trillion advertisements with the most recent hyped-up selfish sport players. It just makes me think, with all these (insanely rich)players, and (money hungry)owners crying for the last single available penny, why should I give both these groups of morons any attention? All the four major North American sport leagues, FIFA, and the olympics are meaningless.

What ever human emotions and beautiful moments major sports have had before, has all been replaced by the man eat dog rule of nike, goodyear, addidas, coca cola, mcdonalds, and other such consumer controlling tyrants. Instead of wasting my time on some sporting tripe I would rather go to see a local stage production, atleast I would experience some truth that relates to me.

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