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Human testing IS done everyday - by law!!!!

Posted by: j.citizen ( EYE, Oz ) on November 03, 1998 at 12:10:04:

In Reply to: Think about it in real terms posted by Jeff on November 02, 1998 at 14:14:47:

Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research CAFMR - po box 234 Lawson ACT 2783 australia.

In refutation to the person who thinks that if we didn't do animal tests then we'd have to test on humans (implying that he thinks this doesn't already happen!), a quote from Dr. Christopher Anderegg, a former animal researcher (his credentials appear below):

"The fact is, that 95% of all drugs that make it through the pre-clinical trials on animals, 95%, that's 19 out of 20, FAIL in the clinical trials on humans.

And those few 5% of drugs and vaccines that make it through the clinical trials on humans, their effectiveness is NOT based on the previous pre-clinical trials on animals, but on those clinical trials which are prescribed by law....

....The question which you in the background asked before, 'Are we advocating the use of humans as guinea-pigs'? That is a standard question, which is used to put doctors like myself in a bad light re.'here we are, against animals experiments and we're promoting human experiments'. BUT, what is fully concealed from the public is that human experimentation is done everyday and it is *prescribed by law*.

And that is a very subtle acknowledgement by the legislators, who are advised by the animal experimenters, that animal experimentation is FULLY unreliable and that we have to rely on clinical trials on humans, to determine the efficiency and the side-effects of any given drug or vaccine...

...I'd just like to make one point...let's look at veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine is based on treating animals, observing animals, working with animals. Veterinary medicine is in no way based on human beings. That, for me, is very sound. That's sound medicine. Why is human medicine based so much on animals? That, for me, is a contradiction which I can't fully explain."

The above excerpts are from a speech by Dr. Christopher Anderegg at the Second International Scientific Congress of the Doctors in Britain Against Animal Experiments (D.B.A.E.), in London, 24 Sept. 1992. Dr. Anderegg is a medical doctor, biologist & former animal experimenter at Yale University, at Hoffman-La Roche (Basle) & the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich). He is the founder & director of the Swiss anti-vivisection organisation "Zurich Campaign for Humans & Animals." ( D.B.A.E. address below)

The above quote was used in a piece of music recorded by industrial band EYE in 1994 web: www.teknet.net.au./~eye/

: Imagine yourself sitting at home on a quiet evening. You hear a knock on the door. Several men in white lab coats come in and grab half of your family. They take them away and you can 't do a thing!! The reason behind all of this. They have to have humans to test cures for diseases. Instead of finding a little mouse or rat they have decided to infect your mother, brother, and sister with a deadly disease and test them for a cure. Doesn't sound so good when it hits home does it!

This above statement is emotive and ridiculous. I will post more soon about why vivisection experiments on people is unscientific and does NOT produce useful results. Testing products designed for sick people on healthy people is BAD science, just as testing products designed for sick people or sick animals on animals that don't naturally have that condition is BAD science.

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