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"The only wholly safe vaccine is the vaccine that is
never used"
Dr. J. Shannon of the U.S. National Institute of Health, June 23,

"If your doctor suggests immunisation, then it should be
your right to either accept or refuse. Should you accept,
then ensure that your doctor fully acquaints you with all
of the dangers. . . . Ask him to sign a form that will
guarantee the effectiveness of the immunisation and an
agreement that in the event of any damage he/she will
compensate you up to one million dollars. After all, if it's
as effective and harmless as the high priests of
medicine proclaim, he will have absolutely no hesitation
in conceding with your wishes!"
Drs Archie Kalokerinos and Glen Dettman, from the book
"Vaccines: Vital or Vulnerable" 1

The form you should get you doctor to sign:

A Statement by the Physician

I, (Physician's name).............................., do
hereby state I have advised the parent(s) of (child's
name) ...................... that in my professional
opinion the child should be given (vaccine drug or other)
(Manufacturer's name)
................................................. (Serial
number) ..................(Batch number)

I have this day (Day) ........... (Month) ..........
(Year) ........... administered this medication after
advising the parents that the child is at little or no
risk from the treatment. I hereby do agree that should
the child at any time suffer or develop any permanent
condition deleterious or injurious to their health as a
result of this treatment then I will pay any and all
costs relating to the care and treatment of this child
for the rest of its natural life. I further agree that if
my earnings are insufficient to meet those costs I will
sell my home, my business and all my material possessions
to put the proceeds towards meeting those costs.

...................... ....................
Signature of Physician Witness: Parent or Other

...................... ....................
Occupational Position Name, position of witness

Gerhard Buchwald, M.D.:
"Vaccines have never had the proclaimed preventive
effect on infections. The regression of infectious
diseases started over 200 years ago, which means
long before the introduction of vaccination, and it was
due to the improved social conditions: nutrition and

Contrarily to general belief, the vaccinations have had a
negative influence on the decrease of the infective
maladies and mortality. Statistics started off at a period
when the infectious diseases were already on the

Careful studies over a period of years have related that
each introduction of a mass vaccination has obtained
only one result: the immediate recrudescence of the
malady that the vaccine should have prevented, but
which it has solicited instead. The temporary but
immediate isolation of infected patients has each time
proved sufficient to prevent an epidemy.

After every flare-up of an infection due to vaccination,
the maladies have resumed the downward course
which existed already before the vaccination. In general
and over a period of many years, every vaccination has
caused more casualties than the infection it was
supposed to prevent. This has happened for instance
with the smallpox vaccination in Germany and many
other countries... Vaccines don't protect, but do harm. A
scientific proof of their usefulness has never existed,
whereas the severe, sometimes fatal damages they
cause are a proven fact."

Gerhard Buchwald, M.D.: Director of the Park-Sanatorium of
Bad-Steben, West Germany, witness in more than 150 court trials
about vaccine damages. The above quote was taken from a
speech at the "International Congress of Doctors Against
Vivisection" at the Italian Parliament, 8 November 1989. Published
in "CIVIS International Foundation Report No.8 1989-1990". (CIVIS,
POB 152-Via Motta 51 - CH-6900 Massagno, Switzerland). Dr.
Buchwald was instrumental in having smallpox vaccinations banned
in Germany when he revealed that Multiple Sclerosis could be the
direct result of smallpox vaccinations.

The Following quotes are taken from the book "1000 Doctors (And
Many More) Against Vivisection-a Growing Trend" 1989. Editor:
Hans Ruesch, CIVIS Publications, Massagno, Switzerland. (Page
numbers are shown in parentheses) Available from CAFMR PO
Box 234 Lawson NSW 2783. $21.50.

"The most phenomenal accomplishments in
tuberculosis eradication have been achieved where
little or no B.C.G. has been used, including in Iceland,
Hawaii and the Netherlands."

From an article signed by 17 doctors in the British Medical Journal,
June 6 1959. (P.110). B.C.G. is the vaccine used against

"It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we vanquished
smallpox with vaccines when only 10% of the population
were ever vaccinated."
Dr. Glen Dettman, AMM, BA, PhD, & Archie Kalokerinos, MD,
1986. (p. 36) In the late 1960's and 1970s, Dr. Kalokerinos and Dr.
Dettman discovered that some 500 out of every 1,000 Aboriginal
children were dying in the Northern Territories. The cause was a
type of toxic shock reaction, complicated by vitamin C deficiency,
often brought on by immunisation. In a two-year period without
vaccination and with improved nutrition not one child died. (p.43).

"Since routine vaccines introduce live viruses and other
highly antigenic material into the blood of virtually every
living person, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that
a significant harvest of auto-immune diseases will
automatically result.

It is dangerous and misleading and the exact opposite
of the truth to claim that a vaccine makes us "immune"
or protects us against an acute disease. In fact, it only
drives the disease deeper into the interior and causes
us to harbour it chronically with the result that our
responses to it become progressively weaker and
show less and less tendency to heal and resolve
themselves spontaneously. . . Far from producing a
genuine immunity the vaccines may act by actually
interfering with or suppressing the immune system as a
Richard Moskowitz, M.D. 1983 (p.67-68)

"Millions of people have been vaccinated with the polio
vaccine, which contains the cancer-forming SV-40 virus
originally found in monkeys. It is possible that it will take
20 years or still longer before the possible damaging
effects of this virus come to light"

Professor J. Clausen, 1973, of the Institute of Preventive Medicine
at the University of Odense. Consider the upsurge over the last
several decades of diseases such as AIDS, Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome, increases in childhood cancers, leukemia etc., in light of
this statement.(p.94)

"Vaccines are made from: mucus of infected children
(whooping cough), excrement from typhoid victims
(typhoid), fermented chick embryos, and until recently,
vaccines for polio were got from diseased kidneys of
monkeys, and cause: leukemia, encephalitis, Multiple
Sclerosis, and "Now I believe the smallpox vaccine
theory is the explanation to the explosion of AIDS".

A quote from the anonymous advisor to the World Health
Organisation, originally printed in the London Times, 11.5.87
(p.39). The advisors name was not disclosed in the Times article.

"The vaccination modifies the terrain of the vaccinated,
driving it towards the alkaline and oxidised terrain--the
terrain of cancer. The fact can no longer be denied."

The French medical Journal Revue de Pathologie Generale at de
Physiologie Clinique, 1958 (p.111).

"Immunisation programs against the flu, measles,
mumps, polio, etc., actually may be seeding humans
with RNA to form pro-viruses...which under proper
conditions become activated and cause a variety of
diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple
sclerosis, lupus erythematoses, Parkinson's disease,
and cancer. Spare me this 'medical miracle'."

Dr. Robert Simpson, of Rutgers University, 1987. (p.42)

"It is necessary only to read on the dials of a physical
measuring apparatus the ratings of the 3 characteristics
of the blood. The pH, the rH2 and the electric
resistance. The findings are that all vaccination has the
effect of directing the three values of the blood into or
toward the zone characteristics of cancer and
leukemia...Vaccines do predispose to cancer and

Prof.L.C.Vincent, founder of Bioelectronics.

"Vaccination also causes leukaemia to break out."

Dr. B. Duperrat, 1954, of the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, in the
French medical journal Presse Medicale, March 12 1955. (P.114)

"Vaccination is not necessary, not useful, does not
protect. There are twice as many casualties from
vaccination as from AIDS"

Dr. Med. Gerhard Buchwald, 1988, West Germany, specialist of
internal diseases and participant in about 150 trials of vaccination
victims (p.35).

"The public is surely entitled to convincing proof,
beyond any reasonable doubt, that artificial
immunisation is in fact a safe and effective procedure,
in no way injurious to health, and that the threat of the
corresponding natural diseases remain sufficiently clear
and urgent to warrant mass inoculation of everyone,
even against their will if necessary. Unfortunately, such
proof has never been given"

Richard Moskowitz, M.D. 1983. (p.47)

"There is no doubt in my mind that in the UK alone
some hundreds if not thousands, of well infants have
suffered irreparable brain damage needlessly, and that
their lives and those of their parents have been wrecked
in consequence."

Prof. Gordon Stewart, 1987, Professor of Public Health at the
University of Glasgow, 1980, commenting on the brain damaging
effects of whooping cough vaccine. (p.40)

Pet Vaccination--distemper in dogs.

"Immunisation with an attenuated virus cannot prevent
distemper. The author has treated many dogs which
have developed distemper despite two or three
injections of the preventative agent... He is of the
opinion that fits, chorea, hysteria, etc., in dogs have
become more frequent since the use of distemper
vaccine. Successful prevention will never be achieved
by inoculation."

Dr. J.E.R. McDonagh, 1987, Fellow Royal College of Surgeons,
bacteriologist. (p.39).

above taken from an article found on the "blatant propaganda" page of the EYE web-site : www.teknet.net.au/~eye/

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