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I shop at Wal-mart because of their prices, but their business ethics SUCK.

Posted by: Lori ( Canada ) on November 09, 1998 at 17:30:36:

In Reply to: Wal-Mart posted by Angela on March 07, 1998 at 20:14:23:

: I can't believe that soooo many people hate Wal-Mart. Yes it may have been started in the United States but so are many other businesses. I work for Wal-Mart and they are a great company. They offer a lot of great deals to their customers at lower prices then it's competitiors. The competitors could do the same but they choose not to, instead they are looking just to increase their profits. I am a student and I think the nasty comments make me sick.!!!!!!

Before I begin, I must admit that I do shop at our local Wal-mart. Their prices are great and I always try to get the most for my money. However, I do understand why some people hate Wal-mart. In the USA, Wal-mart will build a terrific store in a small community. They will beat all the small business' prices and put them ALL out of business. Then they will close down the Wal-mart store. After which they will build another Walmart approximately an hour drive away from that small community. People will then have to travel to that Wal-mart to do all of their shopping. They do this to small communities which are all somewhat near one another and then build a central store smack-dab in the middle. They do this to have one main store which all the surrounding communities depend on. Meanwhile, hundreds of small businesses are out of business. People do not hate Wal-mart because it is American, they hate Wal-mart because they are purposely putting small businesses out of business. Do I like this fact? NO. Do I hate Wal-mart? YES. However, call me a hipocrate, because I am a person who needs to make my money go as far as I can. I shop at Wal-mart because of their prices, but their business ethics SUCK. Maybe you should look into the company you work for before you defend them so vigorously.

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