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Drug Co's admit uselessness of animal tests

Posted by: j.citizen ( EYE, Oz ) on November 10, 1998 at 19:35:09:

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Even the Swiss researchers and the huge pharmaceutical industry, whose profits rest squarely on the alibis of animal experiments, concede the unreliability of the animal tests.

To wit: Hans Aebel, a Ciba-Geigy employee, told the daily "Basler Zeitung" (April 12, 1986):
"That Tifanol causes cancer in laboratory animals doesn't mean that it will cause cancer in human beings as well."

"The Roche-Magazine", the organ of Hoffmann-la Roche pharmaceutics, always spends a considerable amount of its time invoking the unreliability of animal tests to justify the damages its drugs keep causing. In that magazine's May 27 1986 issue we read:

"The fact that this preparation causes cancer in animal experimentation does not necessarily mean that it will also cause cancer in people."

In the same issue: "Whether a new preparation will cause cancer in people or not can NEVER be predicted with certainty, in spite of all preliminary experiments and tests."

Still in the same issue: "Tests for carcinogenesis are no egg of Columbus, because they are made on animals and not on people. A human being is neither a large rat nor a large mouse, and can always react in a different way."

Once more, in the same issue:
"Why was it so difficult in the case of the Seveso exposure to assay the risks to health? Because we had no parameters but animal tests, and whether Dioxin would have the same effects on people could not be read from the tests on animals. The findings on laboratory animals were contradictory. Hamsters died from a ten-thousand higher dosage than did guinea-pigs."

The above is quoted from the book, "1000 Doctors (& many more) Against Vivisection", (Ed. Hans Ruesch), CIVIS, 1989. 288 pages. Available from Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research (CAFMR) PO Box 234 Lawson NSW 2783 Australia (www.pnc.com.au/~cafmr), $21:50 and from Doctors & Lawyers for Responsible Medicine (DLRM). -104b Weston Park, London N8 9PP, UK. (ph: (0181) 340-9813, fax (0181) 342 9878 to request pricelist).

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