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Respond to wrestling will take over earth

Posted by: KiKi ( winnipeg ) on November 13, 1998 at 20:55:16:

That's all true about "real" league sports, it all comes down to huge money television contracts. Within the four North American major sport leagues every year there is an increasing division between big and small market teams. For some small market teams today, it's no longer the case of building a semi-competitive team, right now it's all just survival to continue the team for the following season. Pretty soon in the future these four major N.A. leagues are going to be just like many European soccer domestic country leagues, where a league with 25-32 teams will only have five of those teams ever being competitve every year. Survival of the fittest if you can withstand the boredom, I guess.

So good that wrestling is free of all the BS of the "real" sport leagues. Why would anyone listen to a pathetic rap tune by world renowned lazy underachiever Shaq O' Neil, when such a good tune like "Eat them cakes" by the Junk yard dog is available on the first WWF wrestling album!

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