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I guess a lot of people just put up with bullshit...

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( North Texas, USA ) on November 16, 1998 at 19:49:32:

In Reply to: why is it No.1 in the world posted by David Carroll on November 15, 1998 at 23:29:56:

Don't get me wrong. I support capitalism, and I'm not against the chain's existance, but ever since Sam's death, it seems this chain is going to hell in a bucket. This is one area in which I do have to agree with Mark on. Although I disagree that Wal-Mart is automatically bad for small towns and family businesses.

Here in Bedford, TX, they opened a huge Wal-Mart, and almost immediately it began to decline. Now, I NEVER see clean restrooms there, and NOBODY EVER pays attention to how the merchandise is handled. Many of the clerks are slower than molasses at check-out. And supervisors seem to take their sweet time whenever a price-check request goes out. More than once I've been tempted to take the mic and say "[Name of supervisor], get your fucking ass over here!!!" But security would probably bust me, so I just grin and sweat it, and wait at the register for the guy to come to the clerk. When not waiting on a check, the clerks just scan the items at a slower speed than a snail would. I don't say anything.

Their music CD and tape department is a joke, nobody knows how to read when stocking CD's. They just carelessly stock them without regard to alphabet or artist tag. The selection sucks also. Did I mention that the floors are rarely mopped?

This isn't just at this Wal-Mart either. Every goddam one of them I've been to has the same disregard for the customer. Sam must be spinning in his grave. Kmart isn't much better, but to its credit it is cleaner. Target is probably the best of the 3 major discount chains.

This could be a good project for Ross Perot, if he'd be interested. If he'd just lose his eccentric quirks such as his political party, who knows maybe he'll actually listen to the customer, and set about cleaning this chain up.


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