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all these new fast food chains are ruining this world.

Posted by: Debra Novak on November 16, 1998 at 20:04:30:

In Reply to: Campaigns Against Burger King & Fast Food Drive In posted by Terry on February 11, 1998 at 14:24:22:

: I am sick of the ever increasing number of FastFood outlets and Drive In Burger Kings that are being set up the the UK. Many are in residential areas and cause a lot of problems with litter, noise etc. This is in addition to the low wages staff are paid and all the animal rights issues.

I agree that all these new fast food chains are ruining this world. All because the restaraunts are clean, and look all pretty doesn't mean that the food is healthy and the animals that are killed for the burgers are being done so in a "nice" way. Ronald McDonald is giving children the wrong image of burgers. He claims that burgers are grown in a garden. Wrong!!! These animals are killed in a cruel way (I don't want to get into details) but packaged in a nice, clean wrapper that would decieve anyone. I think fast food joints should be banned. Plus, many more people would be healthier.

: Please will you let me know if you are aware of any web sites against Burger King or Fast Food outlets in the UK. If you have been involved in a campaign against Burger King please let me know

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