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The Disney Company: As Good as They Want You to Think?

Posted by: A concerned member of society ( USA ) on November 18, 1998 at 19:47:23:

Just a note to suggest another multinational and powerful company: The Walt Disney Co. Please add some information on this international giant, so as to spread awareness to consumers everywhere. If you search hard enough, you might be surprised at what you will find.

McSpotlight: Thanks for the suggestion, but if I could be so bold as to make a suggestion of my own........ How about compiling some of this information yourself and then sending it to us or another similar website, or setting up your own website (that part's probably a bit trickier). We're all volunteers with limited numbers of hours in the day, and they're pretty much filled already. We don't have the monopoly on research skills, anyone can do it!
Good luck if you go ahead.

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