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Soul Sucking WalMart

Posted by: Scott A ( Canada ) on November 22, 1998 at 12:26:20:

Lori got the deal half right, I believe -- YES, Walmart does move into a town, decimate the small business of said town, leaving those consumers with a soul little choice where to spend their dollars. I have never been in a Walmart and wouldn't if weasels were ripping my flesh and I was in need of gauze, stat. I find the idea of the future according to Walmart repugnant and rue the mass expansion campaign that Walmart has planned in the next 24 months in Canada. Call me crazy, but I don't mind maybe paying a few extra dollars to support a number of local businesses, maintaining a vibrant microeconomy and allowing an entrepreneurial environment to flourish, rather than shovelling all of my wages into the gaping maw of a money-greedy, faceless megacorporation. I'm sure Sam Walston would love nothing more than to pave the continent in a sea of parking lot concrete, so that the ever-enlarging lower-class citizens of the world can save Save SAVE! on Walmart-censored-and-approved CDs and prole tunics.
Can't anyone relate to what I'm saying?

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