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Animal testing is not justified.

Posted by: AnimalsShouldNotSuffer ( USA ) on January 25, 1999 at 12:04:45:

In Reply to: animal testing is justified posted by Lauren on November 01, 1998 at 15:54:52:

: Animal testing is justified and should go on for many obvious reasons. First of all, we would not have insulin for diabetics, chemotherapy for cancer patients, and out life span would not be 28 years longer. Animal testing has attributed to our society in many ways and it should continue. Think about someone in your family who has survived cancer or some serious disease. Than be glad that animal testing took place so your relative and millions of other people are still alive. Next, think of yourself, if as a child you were not given vaccines for polio, rubella, or chicken pox you would probably be very sick and in a wheel chair. Don't shune animal testing until you get the facts. Be grateful to those furry creatures that went through hell so we can be here today. Just think, in 50 years all the new technology we will have. Then maybe we won't have to test on animals. but until than the testing must go on. Get the facts first.
: From a supporter of animal testing in MD

Animal testing is not justified. For one different species have different reactions to drugs and diseases, just because a drug works on them does not mean that it will work on humans. As for the life span being extended. Thousands of animals should not be tortured and killed so that humans can live another 28 years. Animal testing causes extreme amounts of pain that no animal deserves to undergo. If the drug or vaccine is being developed for humans the humans should suffer through that vaccines creation, not an animal that will never benefit from it. I would rather be sick and in a wheel chair than have over a hundred animals die so that I could have fun. As for the serious diseases that now have cures, look in an almanac and figure out what the world population is and how much land is left. If you look you will see that the human race is over populated and these diseases would have been one factor in controling our population as we say all of the other animal populations need to be controled through hunting and culling.

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