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Humans have no right to inflict pain on others

Posted by: AnimalsHaveRights ( USA ) on January 25, 1999 at 12:07:08:

In Reply to: How can we blame people posted by Florian on August 11, 1998 at 20:47:53:

: How can we blame people for doing animal testing if most of us eat a lot of meat every day? If someone tells me he's against animal testing I will ask him at first whether he's a vegetarian as well. If he's not, he should better keep silent.

First of all I am a Vegetarian. People should not test on animals because the results change with the different species do to the different make-up of each species. Humans have no right to inflict pain on others even if the other is of a different species. When you think about it humans are animals to. Animals should not be used for meat because no animal should be born for one purpose and as soon as it is fat enough be killed in a painful way. Pigs are often drowned, veal calfs are not allowed to move around and are kept in a small crate. On top of this these calfs are not even given real food. Grown Cows are knocked out and cut up while they are still alive, they are just unconsciouse. Chickens are driven to a factory, while alive, in cramped crates. When they arrive at the factory the ones that are still alive are hung up by their feet on a conveyer belt that carries them into a room, while still alive, where a machine cuts off their head. All of these are extremely cruel and animal testing is extremely cruel, both of these need to be stopped.

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