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it is really quite impossible to get healthy food from a fast food restaurant

Posted by: Alina Machalski ( USA ) on January 28, 1999 at 10:48:47:

In Reply to: Health and fast food posted by JB on January 26, 1999 at 15:51:11:

: I see the two messages from the couple who kept getting the wrong burger and then the message from the person who berated the health aspects of any fast food.
: The burger/cheeseburger thing is a bum deal and someone must have been making consistant mistakes. It could also be that roaving customers picked up food and put it back in the wrong spot. That may account for some of why cheeseburgers were recieved instead of burgers.
: On the health question, at Bk you can choose what you'd like to eat. Foods ranging from the Whopper all the way to a salad or even a veggie Whopper. Most BK's that I know make a Whopper with no meat upon request, just ask sometime.
: Even most of the foods people cook at home are loaded with fat and sodium , reality says that people want the food that they eat in Restaurants to be healthier than what they cook at home.

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: McSpotlight: "Reality says..."? Would you care to provide an exact citation for that claim?

Good god, how idiodic can one get. Anyone with commone sense knows that it is really quite impossible to get healthy food from a fast food restaurant, especially Burger King or McDonalds. The lettuce is aged, the tomatoes and other "vegetables" have chemicals sprayed all over them. And if you ask for a burger with no meat, you get two slabs of bread with some ketchup. And another thing, most people don't cook with lots of fat and sodium. I sure as hell don't. I eat healthy, non processed and non chemicalized foods, and I find it sickening that you are supporting a chain system like Burger King.

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