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Wake up people!

Posted by: Colleen ( U.S.A. ) on January 28, 1999 at 11:30:47:

I am sick to my stomach at the idea that the human race can be so insensitive and cruel when it comes to animal testing. Before you give your opinions, do a little research. Pick up the book "Animal Liberation" and get back to me then about what you think of animal testing. There is unnecessary cruelty that goes on in these laboratories. I'm sorry but putting bleach in anyone's eyes are OBVIOUSLY going to burn them and cause irritation and blindness so why do we have to test that on innocent rabbits...give me a break! If you ask me, the government should let us use deathrow inmates and criminals that are in jail for life for laboratory testing. Then atleast we wouldn't be wasting our tax dollars and we could get more accurate results. People who have cancer and various diseases should be used as the test victims. What's the point of testing innocent animals with different genetic backgrounds? It's cruel and senseless and there are other options. Unfortunately, the majority of the human race is so self-centered and insensitive that we forget that we're not the only species placed on this earth by God. Let's get real!

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