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Posted by: Acruz ( USA ) on February 01, 1999 at 13:25:13:

How heartless can a person be to say that animals don't feel as humans do? They screech, they kick, they scream, they squirm, they cry... I just can't see the way a person can call themselves HUMAN when they cause such pain to a harmless creature. It is NOT science to play doctor with a creature that deserves to live and have the ability to reproduce naturally. How can people continue to remain sane while they are testing on these animals? They are just as scared and depressed as humans would be if they were put in that situation. There are other ways. Cell cultures are better to use than the real organism because if the cell dies then it proves that the cosmetic or medicinal treatment is not safe and is not working. Why make things complicated? Animals deserve the right to live just as we do. Just because they are rats and might carry disease, or rabbits that can't do tricks for people's entertainment, does it give people the right to play around with their lives? I hope my point has been made. No testing on animals is better for us as a species and it will make us develop other ways of testing that will in the end be more humane than archaic and cruel.

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