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Posted by: Amanda ( Student, USA ) on February 01, 1999 at 18:12:33:

I think that animal testing is wrong, and what I am trying to do for animals, people think that that is too much for a 10 year old, but I have a right to speak out for animals!! Animal testing is very brutal, because do animals capture us and test odd medications on us? NO!! See what I don't get is that we are animals too so we should live in harmony with nature!!! ( I'm not against hunting ) I can see why some people will go for animal testing because it provides us with cures and medicines such as insulin for diabetes, but if scientists are really as smart as they say and they use chemicals that they are familier with than they should know the reaction when they make a medicine, and shouldn't have to use animals for experimenting!! What I am rrrrreeeeeeeeeaaalllllyyyyyyyy against is animal testing for cosmetics purposes. For example: They will put shampoo in rabbits eyes just to see if it will burn them!! Also they will force dogs to drink chemicals such as perfume just to see if it is poisonous!! Taking animals' lives so people can look pretty and smell good it sooooooooooooo STUPID!!
Animals can feel anguish phisically and emotionally like we can, and when we test them like this we are hurting them both ways. So respect an animals life like you respect your life. Help me make peace in this world, one way is to live in harmony with nature

- Amanda

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