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Health and Beauty Aids Testing

Posted by: Becki ( usa ) on February 01, 1999 at 18:24:39:

I never really see anyone bringing up the cruel testing on animals for health and beauty aids products. This practice is not necessary at all. Many companies like Revlon and Aussie do not test. The list of companies that do not test on animals is much longer than the list of companies who do. Let's start to put our energy into something that can be totally ended, HBA animal testing. For all of you pro animal testers, do some research! It is cruel and it is painful. If you think animals feel less pain, witness an animal test in progress, if you have the stomach, and then make up your mind. Everyone should obtain a list from PETA of companies who test and don't test. Ban companies who torture animals in the name of beauty. Have some commpassion.

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