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animal testing is NOT okay

Posted by: B. Skrinski ( springfield, usa ) on February 01, 1999 at 18:38:13:

Animal testing is a very cruel practice that our society finds acceptable. Did you know that some labs take animals off the street just so they dont have to pay for an animal bred in a lab. This could be you pet they pull off the street! Your poor dog "Spot" could one day disapear and you'll never see him again. And animals DO go though dramatic mental trauma and pain because they get left in cold metal cages after being force-fed a prouduct like "Drano", with no pain killers. often left to die in agony, beaten to death, or stuck in a mass gassing chamber to suffocate slowly. Grossly enough, some animals don't even die then and are beaten to death, wondering what they did that was so wrong to earn such a harsh punishment. The animals suffer from agonizing pain, mental breakdowns and death, just so we can have makeup that won't make us break out in a rash. It's disgusting. We're supposed to be this great society with all this technology, and yet we don't even have the decency to respect and love the animals who were on this earth before we were born.

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