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Animal Testing

Posted by: Ashleigh ( Usa ) on February 02, 1999 at 12:06:29:

animal research is discusting. The fact that humans practicaly send animals to a pain full death for no reason.Aids research is being wasted on animals which will never get HIV or AIDS. Personaly I think they should stop animal testing all together because some companys take animals off the street and do tests for makeup on them. Animal Abuse is another thing. My dog was tied up when she was a puppy and the people who bought her thought she was cute but then they abandoned her. Animals have fellings too. I have two dogs and a cat and I cant stand the thought of them being tested on. I agree when researchers test on animals for the animals own good but not for humans. They should use alternatives when testing for humans. Another point is that pace makers where tested on dogs for humans but dogs can use pace maker as well. That concludes my argument about animal research and abuse.

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