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Posted by: ANNIE ( THE HUMANE SOCIETY, USA ) on February 02, 1999 at 12:25:44:

J. Citizen,
Before you go off on that poor girl, you need to get your facts straight! First of all, you were contradicting yourself throughout your whole response. Surgeons who learn their trade through vivisection are often the incompetents ones that end up hurting their human subjects. Subjects, yes that is how they're seen, just like thse animals that were dissected. There are in fact devastating repercussions as a result of animal testing. False and inconclusive facts are merely a few. Are you familiar with pesticides? Of course you are, what human isn't? The only reason animal testing is needed for pesticides is legalities that can occur. Obviously pesticides are poisonous, animals are being used to find out how toxic! Now that is absolutely ridiculous. They (pesticides) have already been proven to cause genetic defects, be carcinogenic and cause birth defects. What more do you need. Even if exposed to small amounts, humans eventually are harmed. It sounds as if you are the one who is basing their opinion of morals and ethics. We "ignorant animal rightists," use our knowledge and morals, which is what one needs to make a revelant point. Which, by the way, you have failed to accomplish.

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