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Posted by: Mem Dewy ( Canada ) on February 03, 1999 at 12:37:09:

Can you see it? A bargain basement with a department store front selling nicely packaged factory rejects?. Many products and goods on Walmart shelves are inferior or have been used. At Dufferin Mall in Toronto, I brought a pair of men's slacks to the attention of an associate, and pointed out to her that this item had been used and washed, as proven by the lint in the cuffs and discolouration on the tags. She said that it was alright because the item had not been torn, and had been returned within a month of pruchase. What a deal!!! You buy, you wear, and when you no longer want the item you return it for a full refund or exchange. You never have to own clothes anymore!!!. At other times when a product is new, upon close inspection it will show that it is in fact inferior. Appliances have lids that do not fit properly, clothing has thread that were not trimmed and seams that have not been sewn properly. The price does not compensate for the lack of consideration the staff has for its customers. People greeters, come on. Little tags on your bags to prevent theft. Who is Walmart trying to kid. Each time I have crossed the threshold of a Walmart, I felt as if I were under close scrutiny, and treated as a common criminal with theft in mind. I no longer go. Many of my aquaintences have also stopped shopping there too. Remember Walmart: If you lose one customer, you lose 1000.

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