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destroying community and degrading the environment.

Posted by: Gail McCormack ( Canada ) on February 04, 1999 at 17:33:30:

In Reply to: It's possible to coexist with Wal-Mart and other discount retailers posted by Hugh Morris on November 25, 1998 at 12:41:33:

While I agree Hugh, that some stores can compete with Wal-Mart and other stores like it, the overall trend of huge, power centre, car oriented, sprawling type retail, is destroying community and degrading the environment.
You talk about being able to get to stores within a five mile radius, but if you don't own a car, you have to shop locally. And if shopping choice gets reduced because of power centres built on the fringe of town, then your stuck.
These developments are aesthetically revolting and require tremendous infrastructure (roads, sewers, parking, lighting, policing, etc.) to keep them operating. Then there are all the long-term hidden costs like loss of diversity, climate change, poor air quality due to increased traffic, noise from large trucks and loss of open space. Why is it that land has no value unless it's a parking lot with cement block on it?
I shudder to think that this is the legacy we want to leave behind for our children.


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