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The thing that happened at the radio station is sad.

Posted by: Glenn ( USA ) on February 15, 1999 at 18:21:23:

In Reply to: taco bell bullying posted by a. clements on July 06, 1998 at 11:41:13:

That is horrible losing a job for that. I'm attending college majoring in Media Arts and Technology. I have a part-time job working at Taco Bell. I don't get why the heck Taco Bell charges 25 cents for replacing beans with meat. Beans is so much cheaper to prepare and use. I never charge extra for customers wanting beans instead, but for those Taco Bells with multiple workers I can see why, it's the computer. I don't know if all Taco Bells use the same computer systems but at my work if say someone orders a taco and wants beans instead, I would push the "Taco" button, then press the "W/O" button and scroll down a list of ingredients and select "meat". Then I'd press the "Extra" button and scroll down the list and select "beans", this automatically adds 25 cents to the bill. I work at a Taco Bell Express, so there are only one or two people working at one time, this makes it easier just to remember that a customer wants beans instead of meat, or if there is a long line I'll just put "W/O" meat to the order to help remind me later when I prepare the food, a taco without meat is silly, so this reminds me about the beans.
The thing that happened at the radio station is sad. I can see why Taco Bell officials would be pissed but termination doesn't seem right. I'll use this as a lesson incase I ever go into broadcasting.

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