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This is a Wal-Mart

Posted by: Shaun ( BK, USA ) on February 19, 1999 at 10:17:24:

In Reply to: whats a wal-mart posted by shaun on February 18, 1999 at 15:41:27:

: whats a wal-mart, all we have is k-mart,is it the same?

Wal-Mart is a huge discount chain department store, just like K-Mart. The difference is that Wal-Mart stores are bigger than K-Mart stores, and Wal-Mart is a bigger corporation than K-Mart. Also (I'm not trying to offend anybody here) It seems like every hick in America shops at Wal-Mart. Here is how I have come to that conclusion: There is only one or two Wal-Mart stores in my area. Every single Wal-Mart comercial I see on TV has actors that have southern accents. Nobody within a 400 mile radius of New York talks like that (although everybody here loves people who do have a southern accent) Not only that, but when I visited the Wal-Mart in East Stroudsburg, PA, about an hour west of NYC, 90% of the cd's in thier music section was country music, even though hip hop and dance is the music of choice of at least half of the people in this area.(and rock after that) Also, all the TV's in the electronics dept were tuned to the Country Music channel. I have nothing against country music at all, but I think that it is strange that they are appealing only to a very limited group of people in an area where most people don't understand that type of lifestyle. Wal-Marts headquarters are in Arkansas, of all places, so maybe that's why. Wal-Mart has one good thing going for them though: They bake the best glazed doughnuts I've ever had.

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