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Posted by: J.A.C. ( N.DARTMOUTH, U.S.A. ) on February 22, 1999 at 11:49:58:

Once apon a time I was a department manager at Wal-Mart and you would not believe some of the things we were told to de. While for the public we would put on the face that we didn't want to destroy other buisnesses, in secret manager meetings they would clap and congradulate eachother everytiem we put someone out of buisness. We also protested that we are a 'family' orientated comapany but in prive we were told as managers on how to get rid of those who needed time off for their children of for sickness. We were also told on how to act like a friend to an employee who want to join a union to get all the info we could and then turn them in for thinking union (we went to a whole seminar on this!) DO NOT TRUST WAL-MART. I took a week of to care for a dying relative, three days off of grievence leave when she died and my weeks vacation to get over her death and i was told when I came back that I wasn't working out and they wanted to demote me so I quit and found a better manament job!

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