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That person had a right to express their opinion.

Posted by: Jeanette on February 22, 1999 at 15:46:12:

In Reply to: I'm sorry but that is completely asanine! posted by Bryan on February 09, 1999 at 13:45:26:

: I'm sorry but that is completely asanine! How can you believe that the same GOD that provided you with a soul neglected to give one to the rest of his creations? I am afraid that people with small minds and big
: egos, like you!, are giving christians all over the world a black eye!
: And no, I am not one of those bleeding heart, tree hugging, save the
: bunnies, types! I hunt, fish, raise my own beef and rabbits for food.
: Just because we prey on lower life forms does not mean that they are
: souless. Life feeds on life. Humans seem to enjoy the unnessasary torture of lower animals, and we are all animals. Computers have reached a point in their development where they can duplicate almost
: any situation you would come accross in an animal testing lab. I ought to know, its what I do for a living! Further more, Most of the testing done on animals is unnessasary and extreme. Do us all a favor and do some research on animal testing before you open your mouth again. And remember, they are GODS creatures and he might get a little pissed off
: if we abuse them!

Woah there buddy! I think I agree w/ you, but get a hold of yourself. That person had a right to express their opinion. They may not be right, but that does not give you a reason to attack her like that. I feel that lots of animal testin is cruel, and I am a Christian. Unfortunately, I don't really know enough about the Bible to say what God thinks about all this. Maybe you do. :)

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