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Posted by: Julia ( University of British Columbia, Canada ) on March 02, 1999 at 13:49:06:

I am an undergraduate student who is writing an essay on the practices of multinational corporations in third world countries. If anyone has any information about wages, working conditions, etc, it would be of great help to me.

Also I need to get some opinions on these questions:
- why should corporations feel any ethical obligation to their workers?
- aren't workers grateful for the jobs they have? (even if the wage is low, it is sometimes more than they would receive at another job)?
- if you buy products from large multinationals, are you implicated in the exploitation of others?
- what can we do to prevent multinational corporations from treating their workers this way?

Thanks for the help. If you have facts about wages, etc, could you please also indicate where you got the info. from (ie. web address, etc)?

McSpotlight: A good website for general information is Corporate Watch.

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