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Posted by: Li ( Australia ) on March 05, 1999 at 18:07:28:

I think all these multinational companies are really dodgy. One such company is Nike. They exploit so many people especially in Asia. It is totally wrong and it is blatantly obvious that their aim is to make as much money as possible no matter what.

I still don't own a pair of Nike's and don't intend to until they reform their policies on child labour. This "Debating Room" is very interesting. I've never come across this type of room before and hope to come back to it.

Nike's publicity campaign almost seems brainwashing at times. They give off this "cool" image. I prefer to see through that into the real world where people do more than just play sport. Their ads don't appeal to me. I wish people could see through their aim.

McSpotlight: Try the Boycott Nike home page.

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