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Posted by: Irena Di Re ( UK ) on March 05, 1999 at 18:18:50:

Hi. My name is Irena and I work at M&S.
Searching the web I found this debating room.
I just would like to say that there are many things that don't work really well at M&S, but they are not the ones you nominated. Like what you said about organic food is not true!
We do sell organic. Please, next time check out in other stores for more information.

And I’d like to say to the person who tried to compare M&S product with TESCO ones that that is impossible!
You may say prices at TESCO are affordable, but saying that TESCO’s nectarines test better than M&S's ones...NO. ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

And the other person who wrote about M&S code? Well, I must admit M&S always creates difficulties when it comes to give out information that they think it is strictly confidential. But, still you have never seen MS code. How can you make a comment?
Where is the foundation of your judgement?

I accept any constructive criticism from any customer. God knows I am the first to complain if things are wrong.
But please speak when you have evidences.

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