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Aspertame Info & Warning

This article submitted by Maxie on 10/27/98.
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This was sent to me by my cousin who works for the U.S. Gov't in
Healthcare Policy. Thought we should all read this...As she told me there is
plenty of info on both sides, but even when she worked for NutraSweet, there
were plenty of questions.

Warning! NutraSweet is a Neurotoxin

In May 1992, the official U.S. Air Force Magazine, Flying Safety
explained: "In pregnancy the effects of aspartame can be passed directly
to the fetus, even in very small doses. People have suffered aspartame-
related disorders with doses as small as that carried in a single stick
of chewing gum. This could mean a pilot who drinks diet sodas is more
susceptible to flicker vertigo or to flicker-induced epileptic activity.
It also means that all pilots are potential victims of sudden memory
loss, dizziness during instrument flight and gradual loss of vision."
Aspartame is sold by Monsanto Chemical Co. as NutraSweet and EQUAL,
now under other names by other producers.

Pilots have experienced grand mal seizures in the cockpits of commercial
airline flights and have lost their medical certification to fly, and
three have died this year from aspartame. FDA has received more than 10
,000 consumer complaints on NutraPoison, that's 80% of all complaints
about food additives. Still FDA remains comatose and has done nothing to
alert the public, who assume that since it's so highly advertised, it
must be as safe as mother's milk. The FDA consistently approves killer
drugs as OMNI Magazine reported: "51% of FDA approved drugs have
risks and could cause adverse reactions that lead to severe or permanent
disability of death" [MAY '94]

The CDC, Johns Hopkins University and the New Jersey School of Medicine
estimates that 80-120,000 Americans die from prescription drugs each
year. This atrocity has everything to do with money and nothing to do
with public health. Monsanto reaps at least a billion annually from its
Aspartame toxic bonanza. This can and does buy a lot of bureaucrats!
Does FDA mean FATAL DRUGS ALLOWED? FDA works for industry, not
Ronald Reagan's FDA head Arthur Hayes overruled his own board of inquiry
to approve NutraSweet, then hired on with their public relations firm.
Federal attorney Sam Skinner was assigned to prosecute the G. D. Searle
Co. For the fraudulent tests they used get this poison approved, but Sam
switched sides and went to work for Searle's lawyers and the case died
when the feds let the statute of limitations run out. [Monsanto acquired
Searle, original producer of NutraSweet]

If you are using aspartame ahd have headaches, depresion, slurred
speech loss of memory, fibromyalgia, loss of sensation or shooting
pains in the lower legs, loss of equilibrium, vertigo, anxiety
attacks, crhonic fatigue, vision loss, floaters, retinal detachment,
seizures or heart palpitations you may have ASPARTAME DISEASE! Many
physicians diagnose as multiple sclerosis what is simply methanol
poisoning from aspartame, mimicking MS. Get off this killer drug now!
MS is not a death sentence but methanol poisoning is! CARDIAC ALERT:
aspartame triggers abnormal heart action, can lead to complete heart
failure, sudden death!

An honest FDA toxicologist, the late Dr. Adrian Gross wrote to Senator
Howard Metzenbaum: "The views of the FDA's Center for Food Safety read
like a script written for Abbott & Costello in the sense of their having
perceptions inside-out and upside-down. FDA may have gone through the
motions...such a "process" or dance represented a farce and a mockery."
Aspartame is a molecule composed of three components: aspartic acid,
phenylalanine and methanol. Once ingested, the methanol (wood alcohol
that has killed or blinded thousands of skid row drunks) converts to
formaldehyde, then formic acid [ant sting poison]. Formaldehyde is
deadly embalming fluid, a Class A Carcinogen. Phenylanine and aspartic
acid are toxic when unaccompanied by the other amino acids in proteins.
Aspartic acid caused brain lesions in experimental animals. The FDA
report listed 92 documented symptoms, including:

Numbness Headaches Fatigue Vertigo Nausea Palpitations
Weight Dizziness Irritability Anxiety Memory Blurry Vision
Gain Loss
Rashes Seizures Blindness Tinnitus Joint Pain Depression
Hearing Spasms Addiction Loss of Insomnia Weakness
Loss Taste

NutraSweet is found in thousands of foods and on every restaurant table
for the same reasons tobacco is everywhere: Greed, Addiction and Profit.
If you take other medicine consider possible reactions aspartame may
cause. One Pivotal Study submitted for aspartame approval was a 52-week
oral toxicity infant monkey study (SC18862). "All animals in the medium
and high dosage groups exhibited seizures. The seizures were of the
Grand Mal type. One monkey, M38, died after 30 days." The report makes
this conclusion: "The convulsions in the monkeys are correlated with and
can be attributed to high serum phenylalanine levels." This research
proved aspartame triggers seizures in monkeys. The seizures stopped when
it was discontinued. They took the "no aspartame test" and got well.
Don't let your family be their next monkeys!

Some Diseases Triggered by ASPARTAME:

Brain Tumors Multiple Epilepsy Fibromyalgia Graves
Sclerosis Disease
Chronic Fatigue Epstein Barr Parkinson's Alzeheimer's Diabetes
Mental Lymphoma Birth Defects Systemic Lupus DEATH!!

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology surveyed 80
people who had brain seizures after consuming aspartame. Said the
Community Nutrition Institute: "These 80 cases meet the FDA's definition
of an imminent hazard to the public health, which requires the FDA to
expeditiously remove a product from the market." America is seeing a
tremendous increase in seizures. Phenylalanine in Aspartame lowers the
seizure threshold in the brain and blocks seratonin production. Our
nation is swept by and epidemic of violence, which researchers
attribute, in part, to low brain seratonin levels, including depression,
rage and paranoia. NutraSweet isn't food: just sweet chemical poison.
The Romans sweetened their wine with lead; recall what it did for Nero!

MISCARRIAGES and INFERTILITY: Fetal tissue cannot tolerate methanol
phenylalanine! Dr. James Bowen calls NutraSweet "instant birth control".
So sorrowful women sipping diet sodas throng fertility clinics. How sad!
Emory University Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics, Dr. Louis Elsas,
testified before Congress in 1987: "Aspartame is a well known neurotoxin
and teratogen(causes birth defects). In some as yet undefined dose,
aspartame will irreversibly in the developing child or fetal brain
produce adverse effects. THE PLACENTA CONCENTRATES

In tests on animals, aspartame produced brain and mammary tumors. So
breast cancer is exponentiating! According to the National Soft Drink
Association [NSDA], at 86 degrees F, aspartame breakdown gets into high
gear. Truckloads of diet soda sat in the Arabian sun during Operation
Desert Storm, So for months thousands of healthy American men and women
drank formaldehyde cocktails. They came home with Gulf War Syndrome!

The NSDA, representing 95% of the soft drink companies in the U.S.
drafted protest, printed in the Congressional Record of May 7, 1985,
describing aspartame's instability. After a few weeks in a hot climate,
most of the aspartame in a soda can, will be broken down. [Into
formaldehyde, methanol, formic acid diketopiperazine,
aspartylphenylalanine, beta aspartame, tyrosine, L-Dopa, dopamine,
norepinephrine, epinephrine, phenylethylalanine, phenypyruvate,
phenylactic acid, etc.] NSDA wanted aspartame outlawed from soda pop! It
didn't happen. The cash registers began to jingle, so they forgot their
objections. It also slipped their mind to tell us aspartame makes you
crave carbohydrates, due to seratonin depletion, so you gain weight! The
formaldehyde stores in fat cells, particularly on the hips and thighs.
Since NutraSweet hit the market, obesity has become epidemic! If you
want to be fat, Diet Coke is where it's at! Later you can have diabetes,
blindness, chronic fatigue, MS depression and death.

The American Diabetic Association gets megabucks from NutraSweet, so
they ignored a 1987 abstract by diabetic specialist Dr. H. J. Roberts
which summarized 58 diabetic aspartame reactors. He says "I now advise
ALL patients with diabetes and hypoglycemia to avoid aspartame."
NutraSweet pays off the American Dietetic Association also. These world
class Jell-O makers actually admit that Monsanto writes their material.
Neurosurgeon, Russell Blalock states in his book, Excitotoxins, the
taste that kills, [800-643-2665] "What really concerns me about
aspartame is its association with brain tumors as well as pancreatic,
uterine and ovarian tumors and that so many develop Alzheimer's-like

NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful are the deadliest toxins in our society
because of their ubiquitous presence in thousands of foods like
children's vitamins, medicines, Kool Aid, Jell-O and on every restaurant
table. We're dosed with millions of pounds per year! The following
warning should be on all aspartame products: CHEMICAL POISON: KEEP


Mission Possible's only objective is to save lives and health by
eliminating aspartame. This flyer has been translated into more than a
dozen languages and has reached millions of readers. PLEASE MAKE
for your friends, school, workplace, lawmakers, merchants and
physicians. If you prefer, send $10.00 and we will send 50 flyers plus
additional documentation and case histories.

Mail to: Mission Possible International
5950 State Bridge Road Suit 215
Duluth, Georgia 30097
or call: 770 242-2599 Voice
770 242-2596 FAX

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