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Febreeze Warning. . .HOAX

Posted by: Dawn ( USA ) on April 21, 1999 at 12:40:19:

The Facts about Febreze

If you’ve reached this page, chances are you’ve received an e-mail
chain letter warning you about using Febreze around your pets.
These rumors simply are not true. Used as directed, Febreze is
safe to use around pets. Nevertheless, we’re glad you stopped by
to get the facts!

Leading veterinarians across the country agree Febreze is
safe. The nation’s leading authority on pet safety, the ASPCA
(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), has
investigated these rumors and issued the following statement:

"Veterinary toxicologists at the ASPCA National Animal Poison
Center are conducting an on-going investigation into claims that use
of Febreze in the home caused the death of several pets. All
information reviewed to date suggests that there is no
evidence that Febreze represents any risk to pets when used
according to label instructions. Presently, the center
considers the product safe to use in households with pets. As
with any cleaning product, the center recommends that birds be
removed from the room until the product application has dried and
the area has been ventilated."

You can visit the ASPCA at http://www.napcc.aspca.org

The Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, one of the
world's busiest full-service veterinary diagnostic labs receiving more
than 120,000 cases a year reports "we have not received any cases
indicating adverse reactions to Febreze." According to Dr. John
Reagor, head of toxicology at the TVMDL, "used according to label
instructions, the safety of Febreze is not a concern."

Febreze has been used safely by more than 12 million homes with
pets around the world.

Like all our products, Febreze and its ingredients were tested
extensively to ensure that the product is safe for humans, pets and
the environment. This safety data was reviewed by more than 100
scientists, doctors, safety experts and veterinarians, and all have
come to the same conclusion: Febreze is safe.

Help us squelch this rumor once and for all. Please share the
information with your friends that Febreze is safe to use
around pets.

If you received a warning from the Veterninary Emergency Center in
Needham, Massachusetts, see below for to see a statement they
recently issued:

In response to the recent inquires regarding Febreze and a notice the
Veterinary Emergency Center (VEC) sent to a few of our Veterinary
As a professional service, the VEC passed on information about Febreze to
limited set of Veterinary colleagues. This information originated from a
professional and trusted source, but had not been validated. It was not
intended for general public distribution. The VEC did not post this
information on the Internet. The information did not originate from our
hospital and does not reflect any facts obtained by the VEC.

The Veterinary Emergency Center has never seen nor heard of any
cases of animal toxicity or illness relating to Febreze. Therefore, we
not endorsing, nor are we recommending against the proper use of this
product. An official statement has been posted on the Internet by the
http://www.napcc.aspca.org/febreze.htm. We apologize for any
we may have inadvertently presented to the public, the Veterinary
and the manufacturer.

Amy A. Shroff, VMD
Veterinary Emergency Center

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