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What's stopping staff ?

Posted by: Dan Rose ( Burger King International, Australia ) on May 11, 1999 at 07:06:26:

I've been an avid reader and poster of the whole McSpotlight website for over a year, and I've just got to ask a question of the general population because as far as I can see, people are complaining, and doing nothing.

I've heard it a thousand times "Managers treat us like crap" "I'm not getting paid fairly" "My boss is an idiot who doesn't know how to do his job" etc, and my question to you is...What is holding you at your work placement ?

Is there a big hitman holding a gun to your head saying "You must stay here" ? When there's a lot of jobs available, and a lot of people looking for work how hard can it be for you to walk out, and get another job ? Within days your company will have you replaced. You won't be missed.

So before you come on here complaining about your work, your boss, etc, you've got to realise that you can easily leave. Sure, for a while you won't have much money, but if it's getting you down so much, a break would do you the world of good.

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