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Global warming

Posted by: Liz ( USA ) on May 11, 1999 at 07:40:13:

The world is being exposed to something that i think is crude and needs to be stoped as soon as possible: Global Warming. Global wanrming is the result of the deforestaion of vital rainforests which provide life for the whole world. Trees take in Carbon Dioxide and produce oxygen, without this cycle, we wouldn't be here today. Since companies are cutting down forests, oxygen is being produced, but at a alrmingly slow rate. The human population is increasing, but the tree population is decreasing. Put two and two together, and you will see that we have a problem. But the problem only grows larger. Global warming is melting the ice caps at the northern most part of the earth. Not important you say? How about no?!? These ice caps are meting, therefore making water, which raises the water level, eventually drowning land on the water. Everyone should help out by trying to recycle as many items as possible, and if your state doesn't take deposites, write to your government to try to persuade them otherwise. Please help the earth.

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