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Posted by: Leigh Brown ( McDonald's manager, USA ) on April 29, 1998 at 18:41:30:

I am a manager at a McDonald's in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I love my job so much, the people are great and my pay is wonderful. I started out as a crew person then I was promoted to crew trainer. After a half a year of working as hard as I could I was rewared with a promotion to manager and a $3.00 raise. The reason some McDonald's stores can't afford to pay their crew as much as they could is because their food and paper costs are taking away from profits. If employees wouldn't steal from and damage the stores, and spent their time working hard not eating hard, then the stores would be able to pay you more. People like you are the reason noone is payed too much, you are not only screwing yourself, you are screwing everyone you work with. Next time you think about stealing food, think again about the money you could be making. Hard work will be rewarded, maybe not today or tomarrow but if you keep a consistantly high work ethic, you will be payed accordingly.

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