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Get a Life

Posted by: Crew Trainer ( Tennessee ) on April 30, 1998 at 11:32:25:

O.K. I agree with you that there is hardly no one who is perfect, but this is obsured. Someone had to pay for those nuggets, cookies, etc. You stated that and I quote, "with all of the food that they throw away, they can afford to give some to the customers". The only reason that we throw away the food, is so that the customer can get hot food fast. I don't know what you do at your McDonalds, but we in pikeville, TN we almost always throw the fries away when the quality timers go off. Our object is to give the customer with the highest quality, best service and the cleanest product that we can offer. I also believe that you need to grow up. Stealing cookies, and nuggets is not nearly as bad as stealing a phone call or a photo copy, especially if you get permission. There are times that you need to use the phone, and I'm sure that it is not for the same purpose that you steal nuggets. I'm sorry, but I believe that you are wrong in stealing anything.
I think that my owner is the nicest that anyone could possibly have and I couldn't bear to steal anything from him. Maybe if you would learn the basics of life you would see that you don't have to steal to be cool, popular, to make your wages better. If you would do things the right way, you might get a raise so that you could buy that extra nugget that you would have ot steal otherwise. I hope that we don't have any people like you in our store.


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