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Yuo never know how lucky you got it......

Posted by: Jay Larrigan ( McDonalds, Artaine Castle, Dublin, Ireland ) on May 05, 1998 at 15:30:50:

In Reply to: IT IS TIME TO UNITE AND DO SOMETHING. posted by N/A on May 05, 1998 at 10:06:19:

well......... I came onto this page after reading the McLibel book and
, after reading some of the posts on this page, realise just how lucky we have it on my side of the pond.
We dont have drug deals in the drive thru, or even that severity of Sexual Harrassment.
and I came on to complain about how cheap my Franchaisee was!!!!
I have been working for 8 months and am still wearing the same stupid uniform, now, in my store, they tried to change the uniform about 3 years ago, it has been open for about 8 years now,and they pass down the uniform from worker to worker.
I have been wearing the same stinking shirt for 8 months, and half the other workers wear new(ish) Polo shirts. I have complained about this but still am ignored.
My franchaisee earns, from what we could find out, about $6 million
a year( I might be wrong, with the conversion) between the 2 franchaises he owns.
surely he can afford the $5 (remember the conversion)it would cost him to buy me a new shirt!!!!!!!
If there is one problem in Irish stores, it is the Unbelievable "backhanders" that the Managers get in the stores. I could tell you about one manager getting $400 for a taxi ride to his house from a Staff night out(a total journey of ONE mile, costing normally about $5).
And thats just for starters............
McWorkers of the world...........UNITE!!!!!!!

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