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Posted by: luis mota ( MCDS, USA ) on May 12, 1998 at 01:56:05:

I recently got hired by Mcd's about 2 months ago as a closer. Within the first month of employement, I quickly came to reallize that my parttime job is nothing but a soapopera with a diverse cast.

During my first month I started to notice employes roles. One of mine Primary observents are the managers. Most of the Managers that I had the pleasure working with( YEAHH RIGHT) are mostly concerned about their ASSES. Yet these managers have no shame,what they'll do get ahead. I"m telling you I"ve seen it all . But I don't think they reallize there's no future there,So stop your madness.

2nd observation the crew my favorite. OH! How the personalities, duties, behaviors differ, It's like a freaky side show. But what I enjoy the most is to watch the crew squirming to get things done under stupid conditions( Like code blue) What is that all about I didn't know training for nuclear training. I also like how the employees turn against each other like monsters literally over nothing. So you may ask me do I have a conscious in Mcd's?. No I just act and try to brush up on my mcds Shakespare. and hate the most

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