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Posted by: david chase ( mcdonalds of middleboro mass, usa ) on May 15, 1998 at 11:02:47:

I was a crew person for many years until the corporation took over in 1995 from our owner operator. I was then promoted to management
and know what you are saying about some managers. I feel that I am
fair and easy to work for. The problem is that many people are promoted before they're ready for the responsability. People should have to work as crew for some time to see what it's like then they would respect them more! In my store we've had bad managers and
bad crew but there are just as many good ones. I have an excellant working relationship with my people and work just as hard as they do.
It's a shame to see hatefull web sites because some may have had a bad experience with managers in their store. I know my crew thinks highly of me and respects me. Dave Chase Mcdonalds swing manager

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