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We hate Mc Donalds'

Posted by: Jedd Paddy ( The Wintermen, Australia ) on May 15, 1998 at 11:08:53:

We are two high school students who live in Yarraville, Victoria, Australia. We are angered because so many of our friends are being brainwashed by McDonalds' image as an orginization whose doings are beneficial to the world, when in reality they are posioning our minds and our souls by maniputlaion of the media. Many people are blind to the dangers of a massive fast food chain and it's potential for complete control of our ways of thinking. Something has to be done about theses greedy arseholes before they extinguish everything worthwhile by promoting their messages: junk food is the only way to enjoy your life. We think it's great that someone has the courage to stand up to these arseholes to whom accumlating money is the only way.
My cousin is employed by McDonalds, but
she will doubtless be sacked when she is of the age when they have to pay her more than minimum wage.
Jedd and Paddy.

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