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You are a tool

Posted by: Jedd Paddy ( The wintermen, Australia ) on May 15, 1998 at 11:09:33:

In Reply to: Mc Donalds is cool posted by Omar Frausto on May 12, 1998 at 00:09:17:

You are a stupid arsehole. You are a tool in the hands of those bloodsucking barstads at McDonalds, a corrupt organization whose promise to the world is not of golden hamburgers and happy times, but of underpaid, high school dropouts inquiring if we'd like fries with that,
and of crappy, bacteria filled hamburgers, taken from beef near the Amazon, where trees have been cut down specially so McDonalds can feed people like you, who obviously dosen't own a spell check!
Up Yours, you stupid barstad,
(Loving as always)
Jedd & Paddy.

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