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Posted by: McHappy Employee ( Canada ) on May 17, 1998 at 21:51:49:

In Reply to: there is a lot better out there posted by BASE727(mad cow patrol) on May 07, 1998 at 17:04:52:

: BASE727:: My advice Kevin is dont do it, there is a lot better out there . Some advice if you want to work there #1 watch yourself in what you say because there will be people that will stab you in the back to get brownie points with the bosses .#2 make sure you get paid for all hours worked. #3 Be prepared for anything and everything. Good luck...If you can find something else besides "fast food" go 4 it ....G'Day.. James..

Kevin, have you noticed that the followups that you have received have been one of two kinds? The idiotic, meaningless ones from McBashers, and the indepth, honest ones from workers. I've been at McDonald's for eight months now, I've had a 33 cent raise, and a promotion. I'm getting another raise in 3 months, and another promotion that comes with a big raise. Like everyone said, if you are willing to work hard and give it your all, you'll love it. All of the former workers complaining on this page were probably slackers who didn't get recognition because they didn't deserve it. You meet lots of friends, and good ones,too. You do have to watch out for backstabbing, but only from slackers who have to kiss buttt in order to get ahead. I have the utmost respect for all McDonald's employees. I'm sure they all agree.

yours truly, a girl who's been there, is now here, and loving it.

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