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This is a first! A posting from a racist thief!!!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Texas, USA ) on May 21, 1998 at 09:35:46:

In Reply to: Ripping off McDonalds posted by Ben Johnson on May 19, 1998 at 09:54:20:

: I work at McDonalds, and I like to steal the bags of Fudge, Carmel, and
: Strawbury, Sunday toppings... also I like to give all my friends free
: food when my managers are not looking.
: I HATE working with all the damn Mexicans... their idiots who don't know how to read...
: The President of McDonalds must be the jewish person in the world... I've worked their for 2 years and I just got a rise from $5.15 to $6.00 yea!!! when all the new employees start at $6.00


Well Ben, I'll take working with immigrants over working IN A CHAIN GANG under a deputy sheriff's supervision any day. Sooner or later, your thieving ways will come back to haunt you!

So before you get caught, why don't you grow up, stop stealing, and LOSE THE ATTITUDE!!! The economy is better than it's ever been. If McDonald's is that bad, then do everybody a favor, and seek employment elsewhere!

Perhaps a cane whuppin in some instances isn't such a bad idea after all!


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