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yea, i work at mcdonalds.

Posted by: Madas Shit ( mcds, us ) on May 21, 1998 at 09:38:12:

yea, i work at mcdonalds. i hate that fuking bullshit. i do my fucking job correctly, and i still get no respect. my shitforbrains manager hires retards with the mentality of a fish. i hate all of these bullshit specials they have. i work my ass off to make sure people get there food asap, while these rich fuckin corporate bithches are sitting on their fucking asses making mad lute.fuck this shit. when i finally do quit, im blowing that shithole into a million fucking bloody,smelly,greasy peices. mcdonalds employees are treated like shit, bitched at by customers, and put down by the public. fuck all that. you stupid fucks should go home and cook like your lazy asses are supposed to youslacking, dimwitted, fat, cholesterol driven fuckers.

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