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Yes It Can!

Posted by: Cathy Lacy ( California,USA ) on May 21, 1998 at 09:45:14:

I'm a student studying microbiology.. Yes, it is possible you got food poisoning from the nuggets.. It may have been caused by Staphylococcus aureus, a pathogen that is able to excrete toxins into food. This is part of the normal microbiota present on human skin but it can be transmitted to food.Food handlers could of transmitted the bacteria through a unsanitary environment,uncleaned equipement or counter tops, it is present in pimples, boils, carbuncles, and in cuts. It is also present in 50% of heathly indiviuals noses and throats..The mc nuggets could of been exposed to these bacteria by foodhandlers, equipment,or unadequate refrigeration. Symptoms of S.aureus usually occur from thirty minutes to eight hours.Otherwise your food poisoning may have been cause by Salmonella (from poultry)or cross contaminated by workers!
Just thought I would share my thoughts with you...I better get back to my report on Food poisoning cause by S.aureus

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