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Posted by: Silence Do Nogood ( USA ) on May 23, 1998 at 09:19:20:

In Reply to: I love mcdonald´s posted by santiago on May 17, 1998 at 17:17:07:

Just because YOU love McDonald's dosen't mean it is worth anything. I am sure you haven't worked at a McDonalds, and I am also sure that you don't eat that "shit" everyday because if you did you would be poor and sick from diseases. It is obvious from your intelligent comment that you support the exploitation of workers, and the union busting tactics of McDonalds. You also don't give a dam about the greed perpetuated by this giant multi-national, making enormous profits off the sweat and labor of mostly underpaid college students and single, underprivileged mothers.

You are probably part of that ruling class of rich pigs in Latin America that exploits and help to keep mostly "Indian" (Non-European)peoples subjected to a life of poverty and hopelessness oppressing them into living with little or no electricity, water and just barely enough food. So you are content to remain silent about gross injustices but become offended by people saying TRUE things about Mickey D's. Also how can you tell people "to go to Hell" you should instead say "come to hell" because that's where you are already !!! McDonald's sucks and big corporate greed sucks
SO choke on you next "Big Mac" please.
Thank you very much

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