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Beenie Baby Promotion

Posted by: Brian K. Simmons ( USA ) on May 26, 1998 at 10:47:40:

To whom that care?

I was at my place of work when a customer came in with a sack full of Happy Meals purchased at the McDonalds in Plano, Tx. As I was watching her, I could not help notice that she had thrown all the food into the trash but first, carefully taking out the Beenie Babies that came with each meal purchased at McDonalds.

I started to ask around and she, along with others, told me that the trash cans at the McDonalds are overflowing with food that people threw away...just to get a Beenie Baby.

I thought this to be sick and completely wrong but then brought myself to realization that this was and only could be happening in America.

McDonalds has started a promotion that has definitely turned to an ugly and wasteful plan to promote their business.

Yes, the people who buy these Happy Meals to recieve a Beenie Baby and turn around and throw the food away is at 50% at fault...but McDonalds should and I hope will take the other 50% blame and do something about this embarrasing type of advertisement.

Please respond to my concerns!!

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