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White racist people would share your point of view, do you realize that?

Posted by: Andrea Galey ( USA ) on May 26, 1998 at 11:06:48:

In Reply to: RACE posted by choward on May 22, 1998 at 09:33:14:

: Why is it that, when you buy a Kids Meal in a black neighborhood the toy is always white. What would happen or be said if you put African American toys in Kids Meal in White neighborhoods. There should be a mixture of toys. A White kid get a white toy , African American get African American toys etc... There should be a CHOICE.

SEGREGATION at the level of happy meal toys. That's wonderful. You know, what a wonderful way to teach our children to love other people regardless of their race! "No, honey you cannot have the Pocahontas doll because they are only for native americans, you have to have the white barbie."
I think the thinking you expressed is a bit convoluted, unless you ARE a racist. Why do our children have to play with toys of their own race?
If your point is that there should be more toys that are of races other than white, than I agree with that point whole-heartedly. But to limit a child as to which race they can have as toys, is ludicrous.
White racist people would share your point of view, do you realize that?
In answer to your question, if they gave out African American toys in a white neighborhood, NOTHING would happen. It happens all the time. TOY are TOYS. Your point only serves to create a greater rift between the races.

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