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Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, USA ) on May 27, 1998 at 10:16:45:

In Reply to: Any comments on those union facts (or myths)? posted by B on May 26, 1998 at 09:54:48:

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First of all, any union woth its salt will be able to raise your pay by a greater amount than the cost of the dues. In the event that such a pay increase would sink the business, it would mean you were already getting what a union would get you(money-wise) without a union being needed. Since McD's makes a bloody fortune, I doubt that this is the case, and the Teamsters have the balls to make it stick. Ihours an conditions are a problem, a union could be worth even more than the pay raise-and may be worthwhile even at a loss to, say, keep people from being fired for not being on-call whenever they're homw or wearing long hair. We've all seen the Teamsters stand up to UPS(and the Federal retaliation against Mr. Cary that proves that government and the bosses reallly do work together). People accuse the Teamsters of being corrupt-I say no more so than McD's or the government,and I respect their muscle. The Teamsters know how to get things done when they want to.

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